ଖଣ୍ଡିତ ଆକାଶରେ Divided Sky

କଣ ଏଇଟା?
କହିବ କିଏ?
ଯେ ଯାହାର
ପ୍ରଶ୍ନ ଧରି ଠିଆ
ଯିବା ବାଟରେ ।
କାହା ଆଶା?
କାହା ଭରସା?
କେମିତି ସ୍ଵର?
କିଏ କାହାକୁ ନେବ?
ଯେ ଯୋଉଠି
ଖଣ୍ଡିତ ଆକାଶରେ ।
ଶୁଣୁଛି କିଏ କାହାକୁ?
ଶୁଣୁଛି କଣ?
ଫାଟୁଛି ସବୁ ରଙ୍ଗ ଆଗରେ ।

English rendering;

What is this?
Who will tell?
Each one stood
With his question
On way back.
Whose hope?
Whose venture?
How the sound?
Who will take whom?
Each one is
In his place
In divided sky.
Who is hearing whom?
What he is hearing?
All colors faded.

by Gajanan Mishra

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beautifully assembled seemingly disjoint but in reality all connected things, viz, symbols, verbs, .The poem perfectly reflects the true oriya dielects, oomphs of daily life and colloquials.