(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Dividends Expected

If anyone decides they'd like to get immediate feedback,
As to how their investment has progressed...
They need not look any further,
Than to the activities of their children.
And what and who has influenced them...
Along their paths when making their decisions.
When questions aren't asked answers aren't volunteered.

One who has invested time and devoted sacrifice,
Need not be too concern of their dividends expected.
Most times one can count on not experiencing a loss.
And those who have losses may be disappointed,
When all of their eggs have been 'cracked'...
And forced to be placed in one basket and mismatched,
To high expectations without periodic examination.

My portfolio was designed to retrieve specific,
And guaranteed returns.'

Times have changed.
And throwing money away...
Does not mean any of it should stick,
When the one receiving it takes it for granted...
Without it being earned to learn or acquire a purpose.~

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