Divine In Contemplation

The goal of man is to be as god,
To reach out to the divine in contemplation
And so return as far as possible to the divine source.

Seek the hidden truths contained
Within the scriptures of your lore
Seek to restore your unity
But know you must remain
For this life is one worth living
Our love is love worth giving
And though the priesthoods of our race
May claim knowledge beyond the consideration
Of most, what they know are but ghosts of the truth
Our grandmother’s contained in their eyes.

The gods of every sphere know true a heart of gold
This they know as every soul is a story to unfold.

Each will know true the kiss of the gods within their time
Each will know their soul as one with yours as well as mine
Each will know the midnight sun to radiate and shine
Each will know the all as one, those shackled and those blind.

Consider not that the scholar lost within a realm of scrolls
Shall ever know more than the rambling man who allows
Dawn to kiss his soul. Embrace the freedom of the valley,
Allow the muse room within your garden sanctuary
And there she may sing soft lullabies to your children.

by David Lacey

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