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Divine Intervention

When darkness like a cloud descends
And banishes the light
When day is just a memory
And all there is is night
When heaviness engulfs your heart
Crushing it like a stone
Find hope in knowing through it all
That you are not alone.

by Bridgid Patrick

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Hi, I read a book years ago with this poem in it, Can you tell me what the title was, I would love to get a copy of the book again. Thanks
Ah! ! Sweet and soothing! ! Ah! !
This one flows well Bridgid, but I felt the last line left one up in the air somewhat, I'm not sure who we are talking about in that last line, is it perhaps God, or other people in general. It was building up nicely, and is a good poem just that last line didn't quite ring right with me. Sincerely Ernestine