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Divine Kiss (Part 1)
CC (05-28-62 / Dearborn Michigan)

Divine Kiss (Part 1)

I love you, beloved one.
You are my cherie, my precious one and I am you Lover,
Seeking you out and cherishing you like no other.
I take your hand in mine and lead you out onto the dance floor.
We move and sway to the music.
We are the music, you and I.
Twirling around and around,
deeper and deeper into each other’s love.
My hand is at your waist.
Your fingers soft in mine.
'My Lord, ” you say, “ I can scarcely breathe for the nearness of Your Presence.
Your arms encircle me. They hold me close, yet keep me at a distance.
Like a kiss that is almost, but still not in existence.'
I cup your face between my hands to give the non-existent kiss.
We stand still, as the universe dances on around us.
I know you, you who long for kisses.
You are somehow more satisfied with near misses.
It is when my lips almost touch yours that your pulse quickens.
Somehow, for you, the excitement is in the anticipation.
You fear that when you have it,
Your desire for it will lessen.
“I know you, ” I say, “Do not fear. With Me it will be different.
I am Infinite and My kiss quickens.”
'If I kiss you……………'
“my Lord, I cannot bear it……….”
'If I kiss you……………'
“my Lord, I cannot hear it……….”
'If I kiss you……………'
“my Lord, I am fainting………….”
'If I kiss you.... there will be no returning
To anything as you have known it.
I am Life itself and my kiss is the kiss of Everlasting Love.
Once you have tasted of Me,
Nothing else will ever satisfy you.
For I will kiss your soul.'

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beautiful.....unusual. RMR