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Divine Kiss (Part 2)
CC (05-28-62 / Dearborn Michigan)

Divine Kiss (Part 2)

“Ah, my Lord, then kiss me quickly and I will drink you in,
As deeply, fully and intensely as I can.”
My soul responds before I know it,
And I start to quiver as I say it.
Who am I to ask of God Almighty such a great and wondrous thing?
I am but a woman, small and finite,
Just so much dust, before Him trembling.
I bow my head and close my eyes,
Lost in a moment of confusion.
Then I feel His finger on my chin.
He gently lifts my head, as tears slip out of the corners of my eyes.
I feel His breath, soft against my face.
He waits. I tremble.
He breathes. I inhale.
His silence is somehow peaceful.
His presence reassuring.
Slowly, I open my eyes.
He is smiling.

“I know you” He says.
And suddenly I am laughing.
“You do! ” I say, “ You know me!
I am joy. I am laughter,
I am conception and all that comes after.
I am beginning. I have no end.
I am bigger than everything.
I am time without end.
I am singing and happy and never unsure.
I am grateful, exploding with love that endures.
I am not small and He is not ‘God Almighty.’
He is love. I am love.
We are love in it’s entirety.”

I turn toward Him, my eyes filled with desire.
Kiss me! ” I say, “my heart is on fire! ”
He laughs, He jumps and dances around with glee.
I watch Him. I marvel. He seems so free.
Then, I am laughing too, thought I don’t know why.
Somehow this laughter fills the sky.
We laugh till we both are filled with joy.
The world joins in with us, and nothing is separate from us.

Then my Lord says to me, “Beloved, Cherie, don’t you see,
When the world is this big, this much love, this much joy and peace,
When your eyes are opened so that you truly See,
You have, most definitely, been kissed by Me.'

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