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Divine Romance
CC (05-28-62 / Dearborn Michigan)

Divine Romance

I have been swept off of my feet into a Divine Romance.
Swept up into the arms of God and waltzed all around the galaxy.
He is not just in me.
He is intentional toward me.
He woos me.
He wins my heart with His incomprehensible love.

I am falling into Him and I am lost even as I am found.
He is a man.
I am a woman.
He looks at me.
I melt.
He whispers my name.
I swoon.
He breathes on me and I am breathless.
He touches me and my heart leaps as my pulse quickens.

I know Him yet He is an eternal mystery to me.
I am drawn to Him.
He is irresistible to my fainting heart.
I cannot withstand Him.
I do not want to.
I tremble with the desire that envelopes my heart when I am near Him.
When I see Him looking at me with such love and life and a knowing,
I wonder what it is He knows.
I think it is something wonderful.
If I just look into is eyes with my heart fully unguarded,
I will know it too.
Then I will know that in my Beloved’s eyes I am beautiful and I will dance with glee.

His beauty is a song without words.
My beauty the words.
His beauty is who He is.
My beauty is created by His.
He had a thought and I became.
He whispered and gave me a name.
I didn’t know who I was until He said my name.
I was undefined, asleep in my mind, until His whisper awakened my spirit.
I was unaware, unable to speak, blinded by dreams in an unreal sleep then ……….

I sensed You.
You moved and I knew You were near.
I turned toward you, my mind fogged with sleep.
My spirit stirred, aroused by the attraction of love to it’s Lover.
Your breathe was warm and gentle.
My heart soft and pliable.
You exhaled.
I quivered, all my senses heightened by the closeness of your presence.
My heart was solid.
You made it liquid.
The heat of Your desire has changed my state of being.

Suddenly you inhale.
You breath me in and I discover I have no substance.
I am not form.
I am only essence.
Like You my spirit is not bound by realities in illusions.
I am free to be the essence of me created by the thought of You.
I am not confined or even defined.
I am infinite, as big as the universe, unlimited.
And I have found You, my one true mate, with whom I can consummate all that is within me.
We dance, we breath, we love, we laugh, we move together creating color, music, life wherever we are.
I love You!
Thank you for believing me.

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Rudyard Kipling


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what a great poem, so warm and full of passion for the gentleness of the devine. thanks and best wishes, melvin