You may wonder
Why I isolate myself
And your heart fonder
Because have left.

I know nothing
So I hide
To avoid questionings
That fade

My self-esteem
Making me guilty
That I stood not firm-
Its really a pity.

It pitys me to see
That I cant help
And so I flee-
Do not w-e-e-p!

by Bieze Josphat

Comments (5)

an easy way through would be dust or dew in the world behind if that mattered at all, which is no longer true, with its faces and cries. Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing it.
quick fish apply as something to love? This is pretentious crap. Not carp. Crap.
Very good poem which one might expect from a former poet laureate of England.
Well done and nicely inked.Thank you for sharing.
I roll with the punch! ! Thanks for sharing.