Diving For Pearls

Shall I be master of my mind
And life, I must control the kind
Of thoughts I am inviting in.
Here shall apprenticeship begin. Incessantly the thoughts forms flow
Past the observer, like a show.
Though unbelievable it seems,
This quiet Self invades one's dreams. Awareness grows and deep within
Some subtle changes will set in.
There is a need for quiet time,
A thirst for knowledge more sublime. What seemed important now appears
To be a waste of precious years.
The search for truth and answers leads
To ways and means to still these needs. To find That Path and yearn to see
What ultimately sets us free,
We seek the teacher's helping hand
And consciousness starts to expand. The stream of thoughts still flows through time
And carries with it those of mine,
But now I lift from Memory
The thoughts that once uplifted me.

by Maria Forster DeJ

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