CM (June 1971 / Greater Manchester, UK)


I hear the sound of angels laughing,
Their music catching the floating air.
The soothing melody of delightful merriment,
Touching my beating heart.

The grace of beauty,
Meets my shore,
The purity of angel light my heart.
This is the grace of today.

In this moment I can sense,
My joyful, calmness, deepens in the silence.
Here in this rhythmic ocean of life,
Caressed by the sound of an angels’ laugh.

The still air dancing now,
I walk immersed in the bounty of life.
I allow the playful, creative essence of my being to be,
As I move in rhythm to the angels’ song.

Now a spectral light emerges,
And the fire ignites my soul.
And as I listen to the symphony of my physical and emotional being,
I move to beat of a different drum.

(Wednesday,23 August,2006, Bolton, UK)

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