(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Divisions They Have Created

Observing those taking offense,
Against policies and initiatives they implemented...
Is like listening to someone complain,
About the price of cigarettes and gasoline...
While waiting in line to purchase them at any cost.

People have grown accustomed to debating themselves.
As if those overhearing them,
Become attracted to the redundance of the limited topics.

Divisions they have created,
Have outdated realities.
They refer to the 'others' as those on the 'left'.
And yet,
They are 'right'...
With their insignificant infighting complimented with backbites.

Their own divisions they have created,
Escalated devastation.
Clearly they are a people of greed,
Wanting more of it for themselves to feed.
With an outsourcing of jobs...
For cheaper labor to pay as their economy slipped away.

They were the ones to oversee this travesty,
As a means to quietly lift themselves...
To the land of abundant gluttony.
Divisions they have created,
Deletes the fact of their discreeted deceit.
As their own hands dipped
While a diminishing of beliefs of those values and standards,
Were going unpoliced!

They speak of a greatness only reviewed on sporting fields.
They speak of a greatness on streets of decadence no one feels.

To lead is to know how to follow.
To greed is to know how to follow those like this who lead.

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