(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Divisions To Defend Them

Stupidity to give it.
Is stupidity to get.
When will this nonsense end.
Divisions to defend them.

Isn't it sensible.
To quit conflicts.
Hasn't racism proven foolish.
To be amongst those part of it.
Who does it benefit,
To live life like this.
When everyone seems caught up,
In divisions to defend them.
As if to represent God.
And that which God intends.

What is it to be gained,
When pain is inflicted upon others to feel.
And who is it given authority,
To initiate a hatred with it not to end.
What point is being made,
When the winning of wars to fight...
Ignites more of this as if to feed,
A no stopping crave for it to taste.
And not waste the appetite for it.
Only to leave those declaring victory.
As families, friends and neighbors all,
Are destroyed and forgotten in their suffering.
With no one rejoicing,
Their contributions to prolonging miseries.

When will it end.
Divisions kept to defend them.
When will people begin,
To put down their weapons.
As if to protect themselves,
From committing their own sins.
When will stupidity to give it,
Be realized as stupidity to get.
When will a foolishness be proven,
Not to benefit anyone...
Inflicted with pain to feel,
They started but claim on others to blame.

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