Divorce 2

This seals our pact; from this day
You turn a different route, I go my way.
No turning back, no tearful sighs
As we look up ahead at our apportioned skies.
We met, loved and are better parted
Than we fought, bitched and were broken hearted.
I’ll ignore, I promise I completely shall
You breakfast on poaches or roaches
Or club sandwiches, or not at all.
No nagging tongue your siestas disfavor
Borrow your towel, toothbrush or blunt your razor.
Iron a bread, bake an alumni shirt & how
You’re welcome to do all these to yourself now.
And lest I commit culpable homicide
Your inhaler is in the third left drawer, beside
Eighty two prescriptions that foretold
You’re getting old, you’re getting old, you’re getting old.
Those stupid letters you wrote me Darcy style
Inhabit your elderly dense brown boring file.
I long to watch your graceless face
When that chick of a secretary absconds without a trace
Despite a rupees fifty raise
Nor Gods nor mortals know belles’ ways!
So may you discover why they say
Cold tea and old wife never betray.
And so might you discover why
Cold scrooges and old husbands never satisfy!

by Mandira Mitra

Comments (2)

Second better than the first.good poem
i loved the spirit in this poem after the first...in fact i said serves him right...and had a nice laugh...are they the same all over the world? ...the borrowed towel had me really laughing...men will be men...love...nalini