Poem By Mike Tonkin

She walked away from me
Not looking at me
Taking no notice of me
Glad to be leaving, .
She didn’t say goodbye.

The end
Of a marriage.
It had been dead
For years.
I sat in an armchair,
The children in bed,
And I wept..
Damn her,
Damn her to hell.…...
I wept for the defeat,
I wept for the wasted years
I wept for being alone.

Life was chaotic,
Slowly I got used to,
The housework,
Taking the children
To school,
The cooking,
That was a laugh! !
We went to
For a holiday,
The boy caught his
First fish,
His face was a picture,
The girl became fascinated
By the graveyards,
The photographs of the
Stuck to the gravestones
For some reason
Made her laugh..
I slowly fell in love
With the place.
The people always smiling
And talking as if they
Really knew you.

At last it was over, , .
The divorce.


Comments about Divorce.

Divorce, a painful parting, a tragedy for all..........................................but there is life after it
Mike, so pleased the hero of the piece is now a new man...and may his future stay bright. Well told. Ian

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