(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


Divorce is of course,
Not on the mind to anticipate.
When one tearfully exchanges 'I do's'.
To celebrate a marriage to take place,
For the rest of their hunt ending lives.
A chase has stopped.
And the gates of freedom,
Behind them locks.
With a commitment heard given,
Has unseen jaws of a few to drop.

'I can't believe,
They are actually going through with this.'


Divorce, is of course...
A painful decision to contemplate.
Prescribed medications...
Have become to numb,
One's prolonged headaches.

Divorce when it happens...
Provides such a relief.
Especially for the ones who cheat.
With another who secretly,
Meet with them for brief relief.
Confessing it heard,
A love they still keep.

Divorce to experience.
At first has its sorrow.
And moments of guilt felt agony.
Until one day the grief goes away.
With a happiness to feel,
A glooming to do does not stay.
Haunted once by vows,
Today few obey.

And those closed gates.
To remember lost friends,
On the outside of them crying.
Decided to marry and have children too.
But unlike you who knew,
And not soon enough.
When children arrive.
Divorced or not.
Children to worry about.
Can seem like a prison sentence.
With them to know who you are.
And even in masquerade to hide your face.
There they will be,
With their hands out like cups.
Making you feel a guilt.
By something they practice.
Just to make up for lost time.
Even if the doing isn't true.

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