[divorce] Of Mummy And Daddy

Poem By Jess Terry

you told me it was better this way,
That You and daddy were better apart,
That daddy and mummy,
were gonna make a brand new start.

They told me,
Its okay to be angry,
at mummy and daddy or one,
That i needed to let it out,
It would make it better for everyone

That woman told them,
That i was dishevelled and paint-covered,
On friday at 2, when i was 8 years of age,
This meant the child should stay with her mother

That 'professional' counsellor,
Told me to tell her how i felt,
I didn't want to tell her,
how bad her lunch smelt.

That woman called mommy,
Told daddy she didnt want me,
Changing her mind in public,
where everybody could see,
what devotion she had for me.

That 'Lawyer' cow,
Told me to say what was on my mind,
asking me questions,
wasting my time.

They told me,
what to be, how to feel,
but little about what was happening,
It didn't matter about my thoughts or needs,
not that i'd tell [them],
those hypocrites.

It didn't matter,
how hard daddy worked for me,
How much mummy really cared [not much at all]
All that mattered was the lawyers fee,
And that 'counsellor's' various degrees

It didn't matter,
how much i cryed,
cause they never saw,
all the scars on the inside

They never saw,
everything inside me,
all of my thoughts,
all of my needs.

-parents can be stupid sometimes.-

Comments about [divorce] Of Mummy And Daddy

Extremely painful..I can feel your hurt heart....I can only promise you that I pray and wish 'God be with you' ever to give you peace
Oh what a painful poem.... Well, faced the reality.... wonderful poem, With love, Kolitha
This poem is rich with reality.I feel the pain and brokenness. Very touching.You write very well for your age. Let me know what you think of my poem 'I Choose the Mountain 8/10
Drink your passion. Poetry is not reporting.10 for your sentiment and emotion.
A sentimental composition, touches noiselessly. Nice.

4,5 out of 5
3 total ratings

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