Divorce Proceedings...Part 1...(Humor)

'Place your hand on the Bible, please....

Do you swear to
Tell the Truth,
And nothing but
The Truth....? '

'Well, can't say
'I do'
To that, sir.
Said 'I do'

That's why I'm

by elysabeth faslund

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It is always nice to make me laugh! Good one. Now excuse me, I am still chuckling!
Hmm. If only we all took that oath with the gravity it deserves. You might enjoy my poem on Divorce (and El Nino) : http: //www.poemhunter.com/poem/divorce-another-matter-of-course-the-storm-brews/
Razor sharp wit. Laughter is one of the best balms for pain - helps the healing.
Sharp and witty. You do irony well. love, Allie xxxx
Too, too funny....You got that right, It was swearing 'I DO' that got you where you're at......so much for, 'love is better, the second time around..' wonder if one dare try for a third time? nah, don't think so....In Greenwich, you had to go to court in Stamford for the 'D' word thing, and for some reason, we, the Judge, the lawyers and 'DLW' and moi, we're all in a room with like a big beautiful Oak table like it was a dinner or something.........wasn't....wish I'd listened to that Judge. This is marvelous and a riot as well......truer words we're never spoken, so they say..........love, marci.xo
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