These Bones

These bones
closer to ground,
closer now,
with good hard parts,
calcium carbonate
makes for good fossils,
where mineral replacement
will take place, see,
we are always changing,
even when we're gone.

by Thomas Hooker

Comments (4)

There is a snowoman on my neighbor's front lawn. She wears a bonnet in the moonlight and shrinks away a bit more each day. She is divorcing him.
Even if you divorce for a good reason, the process of going from we to me, is a daunting one.
I’m rather amazed at the low popularity of this poem. Possibly the average reader hasn’t experienced a divorce and the distorted time that can surround it… Then again, such is poetry.
People don't seem to contemplate the lonliness of life after a divorce... If they did, they might appreciate their spouse more. You might enjoy my poem on Divorce (and El Nino) : http: //