(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Divorced From Mixed Signals

If what is felt with a doing to choose,
Make that move to do it.
Listening to opinions from others to do,
Welcomes indecision.
And maybe an opportunity too,
To experience a satisfaction.
When one's mind is made up,
With a doing it divorced from mixed signals...
There will always be others inviting themselves,
To warn of negative results one will receive.
If a choice one chooses without their approval,
Is made to do 'and' succeeds to achieve.

'I'd like to thank you for your advice.'

What advice? ~

'The advice I knew I would oppose.
And that time I chose not to listen.
Remember when I came to you,
And shared with you what I wanted to do?
Thinking you would be supportive.
Then you said to me,
*If I were you I would do it differently.*

Yeah. YES.
Thank God you listened to me.~

I didn't.
I kept remembering,
Your support to me given.'

What sup...
Oh. Okay.~

'Nothing much.'

~Huh? ~

'Weren't you about to ask me,
Wassup? '

~Uh...yeah. Yeah,

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