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She was not divorcing because of a tortured soul
She was divorcing because of a small loophole
Though she swore an oath that including her life
Now no longer could she be her husband’s wife,
Now she must pay that ultimate toll.

She is filing for a divorce because of an oath
Now this will end the love and any spiritual growth
The pain and suffering it all came from a pledge
From an act and deed that she did allege,
Happy and content they will never be both.

She filed for a divorce now she leaves a broken trail
Even though she never experienced either hate or hell
Her parents never divorced because of a simple swear
Which could have been remedied by a sincere prayer,
So, I sit and twiddle my fingers and think, well, well, well.

She now will decide on what is his and what is hers
Hopefully without anger or any hateful slurs
Once all of their possessions with each other they shared
But that is the time they loved and a moment they cared,
Now they have became each other’s saboteurs.

She sleeps on the bed and he sleeps on the couch
He tosses and turns with the occasional 'ouch'!
Neither one have dreams they are about to divorce
Soon enough their time it will run its course,
Now she will be heartless and he will be a grouch.

She will live in their house and he will live in a hotel
From their marital home her husband the law will expel
And all of this tragedy was from a silly vow
Which she could have stopped, but instead she did allow,
So, I twiddle my thumbs and I think, well, well, well.

Randy L. McClave

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