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Dizzy In Springtime
(15th May 1972 / Birmingham)

Dizzy In Springtime

Poem By Stefan nnn

the blossom came early, dressed in white finery
even though the nights are still so cold
that the stars fall from the heavens
and lie shattered and sparkling on the morning grass

recognising once more its immemorial springtime lover
the wind's tender arms embrace the blossom's slender form
and hold it in timeless motion, in passion.

i drink a cup of rich warming red wine
to stave off the sharp taste of winter
and spin, giddy as a silent celluloid heroine
dancing alongside the blossom and the wind
till I fall, and lie still on the grass
the world itself whirling now in endless dance

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Comments (2)

I think the whole thing is beautiful. The images are perfect together. I love the way you describe the stars, the wind, and the blossoms all around you, and the image in last four lines is my favorite. (You might want to clean up the extra letters at the beginning of some of the lines, I know they were just accidents, but it's still kind of distracting.) Yay you! =)
The disparate images confuse me. The wstars are lying shattered and sparkling on the morning grass (beautiful.) Then we have the wind embracing the blossom's slender form..and you spinning and lying on the grass among all those shattered, sparkling stars. Too much to take in. I think the last two stanzas are a poem all their own...and I think the first stanza is a beautiful beginning of another poem. Just a thought. Raynette