MW (September 14 / Dallas)

Dizzy Spells

Slow down, I'm having dizzy spells and keep passing out
I'm spinning out from my reel, and I'm sprung out into
An empty sea
Where were you before it became you and me?
I once kissed the floor your heavy steps paced on
Your eyes diverted for a second and I lost you into space
The calm voice of death terrifies me, as it terrifies you
Surrender your inhabitations and let me hold your heart still
You live in the melancholy nights of cool air and cigarette smoke
Before daylight comes again, lets pretend we never spoke
My heart is racing a thousand miles an hour and I'm having
Dizzy spells and keep passing out
Are you with other women while my hearts spinning out?
My hands reaching out, but your eyes divert, and I lose you again

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Comments (4)

Feeling uncertain of another's love as we are overwhelmed by our own is a wretched condition.
A wonderful poetry full of emotions..... Missing someone is greatly depicted...10++++++++ Keep courage You may like to read my poems too... Naila
Wow! Great poetry, Medusa Waves. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.
Medusa, such a well expressed poem....10++++