Between father and son
spiritual DNA crosses over
untold stories of war
raise armies in sinews
wisdom of centuries
sneaks into existence
in declamations, declarations or
just mere admission of love

[ Inspired by Hamid Kareem's poem]

by Frank Lisa IndiRa Francesca Roger Platt Cornish Martin

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Small and beautiful, a non-typical content is used, interesting. Love to add 10.
thanks for your comments, i have been reading your work.......loved it and this is my fav
wow. Congratulations, this is the best poem i've read today. So much natural truth is captured in these so few lines. Our DNA builds us, and makes us who we are. I try and touch on this theme quite a bit, but I dare say you have done it much more succinctly. Great one.10/10
'just mere admission of love'- beautiful expression!
Could explain the George Bush I & II War Strategy....Very Nicely Done, Rehan. ~ FjR ~ ..2008..
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