(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


You don't have to take my word for anything.
Let's make this simple.
Remember the hair samples you took from my ass?
Use that to verify my movements.
The phone tappings.
The helicopter flybys.
The FBI watches...
And your fake smiles,
Are costing you your won security.
I'm 'within' the borders.
The millions behind you have hopped the fence...
As you made attempts to convince others,
I have been your enemy!
Starving my kind to death is not going to save you!
What other proof do you need?
My hunger feeds your ignorance.
'Hello, is 'anyone' at home 'upstairs'? '
You've been monitoring me for centuries.
Take your DNA and go!
This color is mine.
You can not have it.
It can not be replicated!
What don't you understand?

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