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Do Anything
KC (1/30/1989 / Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

Do Anything

Poem By Kandyce Cox

you've made me hate myself
and who i am today,
isn't quite who i used to be
the person you have made isn't me
but i'm too far gone now
putty in your hands
i'll change anything and everything
just give me your demands

you've made me a sinner
and you've made me a saint
but the person i once was
that person inside me is faint
i'd move on but i'm too far gone
without you i'll just be alone
your the thought that lingers in my mind
when i search for remnants of me you are all i find

please don't leave me behind
i know i won't move on
it's not in me to get over you
and if not my love then love from who
haven't i given you enough
i'll give all thats left of me
though it isn't much
i'll be anything you want me to be

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