BH (Seventh of March,1961 / )

Do I Ask Too Much?

The time has come to bitch
And demand more equality
No one needs to be rich
So let‘s rid the world of poverty
We need more love and peace
Make suffering decrease
Is that too much?

Don‘t stand for any prejudice
Don‘t tolerate one single fascist
Don‘t take none of that injustice
Don‘t go forgiving any rapist
We need more love and peace
lt‘s time for all war to cease
Is that too much?

Put an end to subversion
Put an end to aggression
Put an end to perversion
Put an end to oppression
We need more love and peace
All torture must decease
Is that too much?

We all need a bit more unity
Got to show a lot more charity
Take every opportunity
Help and offer solidarity
We need more love and peace
Understanding police
Is that too much?

by Benjamin Hickmott

Comments (2)

This sounds very good. I am happy that you ask these questions that people hide away from. I gave this a ten
No you do not ask to much. You ask, in very poetic fashion, only what is right and just. Which provokes another question. Why doesn't all mankind see the logic of what you ask?