HD (22/10/84 / Oxford(UK))

Do I Believe?

The Garden of Eden
Isn't that in Sweden?
Does it really exist?
Is it really so hard to resist?

What is Religion?
IS there harm to have something to believe in?
The Bible is a sacred book
If we don't read it, will we cook?

Is there a God?
Inside of a man's bod?
Is it hard to have faith
Do you really need it in order to feel safe?

The miracle of life
Who never needed a wife
Who walked on water
But never had a daughter.

Who died on the cross
Was it for the sake of man-kind?
You can choose not to believe
But each has their own mind!

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Yes, each has his own mind, and a right to believe what he/she wnats to. You write well, i'll surely read more of your pieces! Preets