(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Do I Care That You Are Hurting?

Do I care that you are hurting?
Did you ever care...

You have not been the one,
Exclusively in pain!
And I am not immune to empathy one bit!
Now that you are ready to express 'your' feelings,
Those of others are not diminished.
Nor did they announce they have left them to quit!

What you are experiencing now...
Has no ending to it to finish.
You once could afford to ignore
The sorrows of others.
Do you believe,
The grief you have recently received...
Brings cheers to those in contant struggle?
And you are on their minds,
As if you occupy their thoughts...
With nothing else but you,
To take up their time?
Or that you with your sympathies are sought.
You have been much too self possessed.
Too self-righteously taught!

Very few I know are suffering from guilt!
'That' happens to be your own curse...
From a life lived in rehearsals.
And fenced to separate!
This agony you 'dished',
Is now yours to contemplate!
As you kept in practice to perfect...
Deceit and needless hate!

Your issues have never defined my point of view!
Do I care that you are hurting?
Did you ever care...
Without deserting those who did?
And you did your best...
To disrespect them to mock,
Every feeling of theirs in jest.
To depict them as being,
Low life and negative...
Animals who were pests!

Do I care that you are hurting?
Are you aware just how long who has?
From those misdeeds done by you in the past!

I have learned from you,
To return the same concern!
And I certainly don't sit,
Wondering how 'you' feel!
My thoughts are with those who have been dismissed.
Not with someone like you who believes...
Every step you take,
Has been followed and worshipped!

Do I care that you are hurting?
I honestly did not think you could!

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Comments (2)

You have written layers of angst and regret in this powerful rant against your narcissist. Love the use of repetition and the slightly unwieldy structure of your penning. It certainly works for me. Excellent poem. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
This came across as something still in progress, I don't mean the poem, I mean that in-between place where we search and hopefully find some threads that keep us going in the right dirrection, You have expressed yourself so well, that it made me think about how I must try harder to be more genuine and honest with others, , All the very best Lawrence Oh yeah and sorry that you didn't appear to recieve my e-mail It was a clip I would have liked you to have watched on Youtube about a film called POWDER and it was sound tracked by Sarah Brightman All the best Love for you and your closest Love duncan X