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He ate and drank the precious Words

He ate and drank the precious Words -
His Spirit grew robust -
He knew no more that he was poor,
Nor that his frame was Dust -

He danced along the dingy Days
And this Bequest of Wings
Was but a Book - What Liberty
A loosened spirit brings -

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I'm back! ! ! My name was hellp because my mother found my poems and back tehn i had poems that were alot more intense. about suicide, religion, and sex. My mom banned me from the site and made me delet all my poems. (my mom and family r VERY strong christians) i changed my name and deleted only some of my poems. My name was hellp cuz i felt like i was in hell and i REALLY needed help. i was so scared. I'v never been on the website for years and then i got an email today that sed i hada comment on one of my poems...i read all of the commments i missed and it totally inspired me to continue my poetry. I changed my name and i will try 2 pick up where i left off...i havn't written poetry since i got caught...thankyou so much for ur support
That was deep, and well written.
i love the way this comes across! and i am particularly fond of this line: '...That everything has locks? ' outstanding insight! Jake