Do I Know Thee?

At times I wonder
How do I see?
A man - such wisdom
so I believe

Such tenderness...
concern for me
but do I really know thee?

You love me
such I feel
but who are you?
my eyes can't see

Through the fog
I try to see
understand you
let me see

I feel I know you
my heart so feels
but many things
I just can't see

Again, I wonder
Do I really know thee?

by Princess Me

Comments (6)

the real task is to get to know if the outer vision is compatible with the inner being It takes time to get to know anyone WE all wear protectective masks. It is so easy to fall in love with a dream much harder to accept a real personflaws and all Yet in the end we have to come to terms with reality
this poem is lovely just that she should try and open her eyes and heart b4 the man with the love passes away
Thank you for the Poem describing so well a feeling that gets close to the void, when we don't know if we are feeding our hearts and soul, or only body needs. Thanks again!
People may sometimes seem distant and even fraudulent in their love but it’s important to remember that they too may be going through rough periods and given time the truth should unfold. A brilliantly written and lovely poem.
nice poem.....very good....
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