Do I Laugh Or Cry, When I See My Photos?

Poem By salma mansoor

when I was a kid
when the sun was hurting
I used to close one of my eyes.
It was like a wink,
a yes to a dream.
when people were looking at me, or
were taking a photograph of me,
my face was funny.
with the strange smile on my face,
bitter and sweet smile.
was it a smile or a cry?
trying to hide my eyes
with a frown.
they could never find,
the sad part of my life,
I could see with one eye.

Comments about Do I Laugh Or Cry, When I See My Photos?

This is so brilliant. I love when somebody brings to light something that normally is seen very often yet never noticed. Loved it. Sincerely, Mary
this was trully amazing Salma! well done! HBH
This is wonderful Salma.
Superb! ......................

3,3 out of 5
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