AS (25/04/1990 / Tasmania)

Do I Listen To My Head? Or Follow My Heart?

The pain you have caused, all the secrets the lies,
How can you keep smiling when I look into your eyes,
The horror, the anguish I cant believe it was you,
When I finally found out I couldn’t believe it was true.
You started with a kiss but didn’t stop there,
And now that I know its so hard to bare,
I still have that feeling that you somehow lost,
You know that word that used to explain the two of us,
So now I m alone and with no one to trust,
While you sit in her house surrounded by lust.
I look into the mirror and all I see is my mistakes,
You do the same and only see a face.
Now what I do I cant decide,
You have left me ripped and torn up inside,
I m so confused and don’t know what to do,
I feel so used I cant even hug you.
You wonder why we cant be friends,
My hearts been broken and cant seem to mend.
You say its still there that its not completely gone,
But how can that be if it feels so wrong.
Love Is a strange thing and cant be controlled,
Its not just some clay that you can play with and mould.
I know we weren’t perfect like you see on TV,
But we loved each other and we as happy as could be.
Now I m back to the same question that made this poem start,
Do I listen to my head, or follow my heart?

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nice nice. i love this one too. really i hate thbat when that happens. i try to get with someone and then we get our hearts broken and cant talk to each other agian. its hard to deal with. what i do like david said, i try to walk away from it. love ya angel Gerdie XD
Try to think wiser and smart when it comes to love of the heart, for if you don’t you surely will get hurt. This is a wonderful read and well expressed, thank you sharing it with us. May you once again find the peace and joy deep within your heart soon. Scott
Angel if you distrust a partner in a relationship walk away, find someone who will not fool around no matter how it hurts. Normally when one fools around, they do it all the time. Another wonder full heart rendering poem. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David