(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Do I Look Surprised?

You say you did not know 'this' was in me?
As I recall,
Most of our encounters dealt with your point of view!
What was in me had not been of your concern.
As so expressed.
You had to assume,
I guess...
I had a nothingness to value!
I had not let you gain access to my worth?
And I confess...
There are reasons for everything I do!
Including wasting my time if I so choose.
And perhaps I've done that with you to amuse?
For too long!
Who knows?
You say you did not know 'this' was in me?
Do I look surprised?
I've known what has been inside of me,
All of my life!
And you have not been there,
For most of it!

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Comments (2)

Thank you, Marvin. People are quick to judge, assume, etc. Based upon something preconceived, gossiped or fed. And I am sure most of us have had those kinds of encounters. whether from family members, 'friends' or those we are acquainted. Many are afraid to know who they are. That would mean acknowledging their flaws and learning to live with them AND truth. THAT can be quite traumatic for anyone living in the State of Denial.
Nobody really knows us best but ourselves... so those people who judged us by what they see are foolish! They are but presumptuous people, maybe some do not also know who they really are! A 10.