(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

'Do I Need This? '

'Do I need this? '

Yes you do!
You have been overdue for a wakeup call,
And now that has come to you.
Not only will the clarity
Of the reality
Restore your vim and vigor!
But with that pettiness gone...
You will have your mind on much bigger issues,
To find you becoming centered.
With a desire of 'that' to pursue!

And that's good!
So needed.
And this couldn't be a better time!
For 'you' to be truer to YOU.

'WHY are you so optimistic?
You talk out of your mind!
That's too surrealistic! '

I've been waiting for you,
To find your life more simplistic!
If you realize your time,
Has been devoted being out of it...
Most of the time being unrealistic.
Worrying about trying to keep pretentions up.
Only to find yourself spending time,
For something that sucks!
Just for an image to front up?

You will discover...
Once you have recovered.
How foolish it has been,
To have spent your happiness...
On pinching pennies, nickles and dimes!
And not a dollar left,
To ease a peace you have left behind!
And for what?
To find yourself strapped and saddled,
For 'things' that mean nothing?
For something that continues to leave you,
Broke and flat on your butt?
And have brought you heartache and fuss.
For a life you cuss?

I am glad you have finally given that up!

Do you need to go through this?
Now you have an opportunity,
To seek real happiness!
And 'that' has never been about
Taking mental trips...
That find you left,
Going completely ballistic!

'Do 'you' need this? '


And I hope, my friend...
You will stop defending that sadness.
To let a gladness begin!
And sever yourself from all that stressful mess!
Let it go.
Free from the addiction...
That keeps you tied up in restrictions!
You are concerned you may miss.

You may...
Experience times of withdrawal!
An anxiety once hidden.
Slowly it will leave you to be,
That 'you' rediscovered...
And totally free from all that 'stuff'
Not worthy to even reminisce.

'Do you need this? '

And be grateful...
To whatever it was,
That pulled you away from it!

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A fascinating Hamlet sort of soliloquy methinks - to be or not to be? You have touched on a wealth of stuff that readers can truly relate to in this brutally honest piece of self analysis? Or is it advice delivered to someone you know - someone who matters? Lots of possibilities, but all in all this one really grabbed me by the collar. Excellent poem. love, Allie xxxx