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Do I Too Have The Flaws

It is said what you see in others reflect the real you
When I see some people as arrogant I must be arrogant too
Do I too have the flaws that in others I does see
And am I not the person I think that is me?
Such questions to myself that I ponder about
That on my self worth as a person casts a shadow of self doubt
Some things I see in others I tend to dislike in some way
Of this I ask myself of me as a person what does this say?
If what we dislike in others in our own selves we see is not based on a lie
Then there are not many people as imperfect as I
If the eyes relates the true thoughts of the inner mind
Then I am not of the non judgmental sensitive kind
Does what I see in others reflect the real me
I cannot say for sure though it very well may be.

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