When I was young
and in my prime,
I use to ”DO-IT”
all the time.

The girls were not safe,
With me around.
Armed with my charms,
they would go-to-ground.

As we played
in the fields at night,
They would laugh and run
then give up their plight.

And then it was
a time for play,
We each had our fun
But.. they would not stay.

Then along came
middle age.
I was forced to
change my ways.

Back then, I would “DO-IT”
twice a week,
If I could time it to
when I was not weak.

Now, I am old and
far passed my prime
I am lucky to “DO-IT”

If I can “DO-IT”
once a year
I need a beer..

and hear them clear
For one day soon
“YOU” will hold them dear.

So with your lady
Do not fight and kick
Just smile and ask
Want to go “DO-IT”?

by Sirpheno The Knight

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