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Do It
CR (May 19,1992 / Kodiak alaska)

Do It

“Cut me till I bleed.
Bleed me till I die.
Do the evil deed please,
do not be shy
for I want to die.

Bleed me out,
let it flow
until it is no more,
until I'm no more.
Watch me hit the floor
gasping for breath
this is it,
this is my death.

Dreaming that i'm not breathing,
It's all stopped.

Heartbeat slowing
but here I am.
Feet still moving,
mind still choosing
what's right
what's wrong.
Trying to keep strong,
trying to move on.

Yes, I died
on the inside.
I screamed,
I tried to flee,
I wanted to be free.
I blame you
because you killed me”

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.....a trifle over-dramatic?