Do It Right

Poem By Shelby Marinaro

With the pain from the wounds left by the other
With the heartaches from being torn from the arms of eachother
Like everyone else they thought it'd be great
So they did it prom night, deciding not to wait
Nine months passed, and she bore a baby girl
She had her father's spirit, but her mother's eyes and curls
Too weak to be the stronger man, her boyfriend left her soon
Leaving her and her new infant to live alone under the moon
Sleepless nights, she thought about how her life might've been
If she had decided to wait, and not commit her biggest sin
She hitch hiked back home, pleading to get some help from her mom
Apologizing for running away with a boy after the prom
Five years passed, she had shelter and a highly sick kid
Now she regretted ever choosing to do what she did
Tears were brought to her eyes when her baby girl said.
'I wanna see my daddy one time before I'm dead'
Her mind raced back to her first love, and she realized that though she was wronged
Her love was still burning, and with her baby's daddy is where her heart belonged
She searched in phone books, towns and states, trying to do her best
To answer her only little girl's last dying request
Then one day out of the blue here came a knock on her front door
A man clean shaven with neatly cut hair dropped his duffel bag on the floor
Down on one knee he bent and threw his arms open wide
He told her that he was just scared, but he knew he could no longer hide
His heart was still beating with love for 'his' girl, and he hoped it wouldn't end in a fight
But he took his chances and proposed, and after accepting, they hugged eachother tight
He then made his way to his little girl's room, and begged for a second chance
He shared with his daughter what he didn't know was her first and her last dance
For that night in the arms of her daddy, she let out a scream of pure terror
They knew it would happen, but it came far too soon, and they bowed there heads in prayer
Nothing else could be done as they watched others bury their child in the stillness of a summers night
'She's special, for she was our first, ' he whispered in her ear, ' but next time we'll do it right.'

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I LOVE this poem. It shows the passion of love

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