SN (13th October 1980 / lagos, nigeria)

Do It.

The first day of our week
Is my birthday
Do not make it bleak
That is all I pray.

I will expect a lot from you
To prove your affection
It is love's due
And it prompts to action.

Give me joy on that day
Make my heart race
Fill me with a sudden gay
Feeling that denies space.

You love me
So you always declare
You need me
In a manner that is rare.

Many men mouth mysteries
Of undying love
Full of artful intricacies
Their hearts in a glove.

Barely seen in doing
Barely alert to the other's needs
Barely ever losing
Barely planting love's true seed.

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Comments (2)

I always say people should ask for what they need. This made me smile. Raynette
Nice poem Samuel. I think we put so much emphasis on our if that one day is the day for our loved ones to prove their love to us. I am generally disappointed on that day but I never doubt their love. Good job. Sincerely, Mary