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Do Laugh And Be Happy

Do laugh loud and be happy as some are known to say
And do not take yourself too seriously and make the most of every day
The years go by so quickly and time keeps ticking away
The early flowers that come to bloom are the first to decay
The happy go lucky people their friends in numbers grow
They are the sort of people most others wish to know
The person who is unhappy whether it be a he or she
Will never have too many friends and will always want for company
If you feel sorry for yourself and are beset by woe
You cannot be kind to yourself if you are your own greatest foe
The one who can laugh easily makes new friends every day
This is how it is and has always been and it will always be this way
If you are one who can laugh at life you will never be short of a friend
For people like happy people why otherwise pretend.

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