Do Love Never

Love is life, or it may be death; but —
Restlessness is there in everyone's heart!

Life is mortal, but love is deathless,
Lovers who did love, has died and still;
Life can be stopped and breathless,
But love is still alive, and always will.
Love's defined on our feelings based,
And only he knows who has it tasted.

She loved you, and you could not,
Then she's settled down with another,
And who you love is not in your lot,
Longing for each other goes on forever.
If you do love, expect it not to be true,
None has found it, under the skyblue.

Love is a deep and tremendous sea,
In which many a man's been drowned,
A bottomless ocean for you and me,
It's a monarchy where pain is crowned.
Love is a crowd where everybody goes,
And they return embracing some woes.

The souls in true love remain parted,
For true love never allows to be together,
The pain of true love is already charted,
On the palms which can be altered, never.
No couple enjoys the blissfulness of love,
How tragic it is that decreed from above.

by John Collins

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