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Do Not Call Me Sir Or Mister

Do not call me sir or mister such titles not worthy of me
Just call me Frank, Francis or Francie since i do answer to all three
Sir and mister does seem a bit formal i am not into formality
Those who like titles to their names welcome suppose we all do see things differently
Where i was born and raised in sir and mister were titles to many unknown
But then in any given place the people there always have ways of their own
Titles such as dame, sir or even mister do have their sources in royalty
But the Reaper of lives does not respect titles we are all born to mortality
Some people may refer to you as sir, mrs, miss or mister if they do not know you by first name
But these are just forms of greeting like hello or good day much the same
Call me Frank, Francis or Francie these are names that i answer to
These are the names that i am known by and for me they ought to do
Perhaps to be called sir or mister by a stranger is quite okay
Though those i do not know i always do greet with a simple hello or good day.

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