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Do Not Care
VG (5-5-1950 / meerut, india)

Do Not Care

Poem By vijay gupta

Do not care
Night was in her full swing &darkness was everywhere.
Peoples were sleeping after their daily routine.
I was on the chair & thinking about my past.
There were no worries in my childhood,
Therefore, the night come and goes, I do not care.
In my young age, there were so many botherations in my life,
So days goes away with work & nights away in thinking and with some rest.
Once a call came from my younger fellow saying,
That his heart was breaking in an incident and he was not sleeping.
Tears were in her eyes. His companion was not with him.
He was alone & wants to die.
I asked him that my dear fellow please think about other things also.
Moon is alone & he is traveling on his way continuously without caring for any one.
Stars are twinkling alone in the universe with out caring other stars.
Trees are standing alone on the earth & doing their job without caring others.
You & we are also the part of universe
So why are we thinking in other way.
Peoples came & went away according to their will in our way.
They act according to their nature.
What can be doing in this matter?
Therefore, we must live with them & do according to the circumstances.
Our way is only our way.
We must pass it happily.
It is the order of nature or god to us so we must follow up the way.

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