With Folded Hands

(My prayer on Good Friday)

When I am pierced by the sting of life,
Oh Lord, I lift my tired eyes to Thee.
When I am bound by tightening ropes,
I pray to break them and make me free.

Here I stand kneeling before your cross
Unveil your bleeding face as I turn to you
It was for me you shed even the last drop of blood
It was for me your body turned a mass of torn tissue

As you forgave those who mercilessly tortured you,
Forgive me, when from the righteous path I stray
When I am left groping in the dark,
Lead me to virtue's bright and sunny way.

When worldly temptations surround me,
Let me not fall into Satan's deceitful snare.
If I give myself into sin's monstrous way,
Help me strengthen myself through prayer.

Lead me to a land where wisdom reigns
Transform me through love's mystic power
Oh Lord, make my heart, your living cathedral
And bathe me in your grace's incessant shower!

by Valsa George

Comments (4)

A refined poetic imagination, F. T. F. You may like to read my poem, Love And. Thank you.
A revelation! And a cry will be the only thing you can do. Neatly chosen words. This masterpiece is undefinable! ! A 10 from me definitely!
Here, Here... a gentle reminder, for after all, it is not all about here... 10 : -)
blinded sun, blinded sky, and blinded universe, I think is a protest song, commnet my colloboration protest song to warlords thanx and 10