Do Not Do Unto Others........

Who am I to make you sad
If I cannot make you happy
Who am I to take from you
If I cannot give you in return
Who am I to make you cry
If I cannot make you smile
Who am I to take a life
If I cannot create one on my own
Who am I to cause you harm
If I cannot do you good
Who am I to wish you ill
If I cannot wish you well
Who am I to be judgemental
If I am unwilling to be judged myself
Who am I to blame you blindly
If I cannot apologise when I am wrong
Who am I to incarcerate you
If I cannot free you from your chains
Who am I to criticise your vice
If I cannot praise you for your virtue
Who am I to live this lie
If I cannot live the truth

by leonard daranjo

Comments (4)

An ideal poem for all to read with the approaching New Year! 10! -Raj Nandy
this one has a didactic tone...should reach the ears of everyone....It will help to make a better world.
Brilliant! For what are we but mere mortals, optimism reigns!
Your wisdom is shown here my friend. It describes the sayaing ' Do not do to others what you do not others do to you! ' Thanks worth 10.