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Do Not Go To Plan

It is true that every good woman deserves a good man
But all things in life never do go to plan
And some women who are loving good and faithful wives
Do have rather horrible men in their lives
They fell in love with the wrong sort life can be this way
And for our every mistake there is some price to pay
And as far as love goes sometimes things do go wrong when the heart rules the head
An old saying from the past though truer words never said
Some women too can be abusive and violent though than violent and abusive men far more few
To this you may say do tell us what is new
Men who are abusive to their partners and children in the World sad to say are not rare
For the victims of domestic violence feelings of sympathy one can spare
Some women do fall in love with the wrong sort of man
Suppose all things in life do not go to plan.

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