TG (March 18,1963 / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Do Not Hide

from your past
like a lost sock
beneath your bed
& don't duck behind clouds
like a full moon
don't avoid people who knew you when
you were young & lovesick

learn all you can after falling
stand up
nurse your skinned knees
& wipe away the blood

do not hide
from your future
tomorrow will eventually arrive
even if you ignore it
and pain will recede
like waves of nausea
rolling away after swigs of ginger ale
don't speed through yellow caution lights
slow down
move moment to moment
finding each unique
like a lip print
on a wine glass

yesterday's pain will diminish
& tomorrow's will become
ephemeral like a full moon
slowly peaking through
night clouds
light dissolving
in black waves of the sea
enjoying its sphere
its one & only

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Wise words encased in a well penned poem.