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Do Not Judge Me For

Do not judge me for my religion or lack of it or for my skin color or race
Or for my age or for my gender or the look of my face
Or of my nationality or employment status or by my postal address
It scarce matters to me if you I do not happen to impress
Those who pass their judgements on others in their own ways so small
We were born of woman and before we did walk we did crawl
And to the scythe of the Reaper we eventually must fall
And whether we are burned to ashes or our remains are buried to decay
Like all other life forms in Nature's bosom we lay
In saying I am not one without sin I'm not saying anything that is new
There are so many like me I am not one of a few
But the right to a fair go of anyone do not deny
To you and me and everyone that surely does apply.

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