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Do Not Know

Do not know if my long deceased father and mother would be proud to call me son
I am not one of the successful great things I have never done
Just another average plodder who cannot boast of a degree
At the twilight of my existence time is running out on me
Just another average rhymer who daydreamed of being a poet
One ignored by literary critics as one unworthy of literary note
Yet I was born to be a rhymer and though my better days long gone
For as long as life is in me I will keep on rhyming on
It has to be my addiction that I must keep penning rhyme
I have written thousands of them over four decades of time
In it for me there is no money and I do not wish for fame
But should these things really matter since I love doing it just the same
Just another addictive rhymer nowadays seen as out of date
But it does not bother me much if as a writer ido not rate.

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