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Do Not Know For To Say

My life's journey began from here far away
And where and when i will die do not know for to say
For my every mistake in life i have been made to pay
But we learn as we live since life is this way

On my life's journey many nice people i have met
And then there is the few i would rather forget
And many i have known that i may not meet again
Only memories of what was in us does remain

There are some i know vaguely and some i know well
But everyone have their own stories to tell
Of their lives journeys of family, friend and foe
That everyone has a life history happens to be so

In some cases it happens for to be true
That we receive from life what is only our due
Yet the power to do good can only come from within
In a Human World where many must lose for some for to win

It is a fact us humans are mortals and fact never lie
I know where i was born but not where i will die
At the stroke of midnight the past will be today
And the clock on our lives ever ticking away.

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